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I've hit exalted with cloud serpent order a few days ago after a hell of a ton of egg farming. But I've also gotten multiple cloud serpents now, they're pretty amazing but I want to use them on alts too! Is there any chance of making cloud serpent training account wide instead of farming the rep for how ever long it takes on every toon? :3
Pretty lame to add account wide mounts just to hinder that feature with something like cloud serpent training.
I feel like an elegant solution would be to just have a BoA Tome you can purchase at Exalted from the Quartermaster to train Cloud Serpent training.
IMO you should only have to get exalted on one toon, much like any other mount training. You get exalted on one character, and that allows you to purchase it on all of your characters, without grinding rep.
its fine as is.

and will be even easier in 5.1 where you get double rep.

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