Holy pally can't survive 2's

I don't know if it is just me but when in 2's my survivability is really low. My 2's partner is a warrior so it's not a bad comp. It's just when we see a mage or really any burst it's a lost. I just can't survive the damage anyone know what I can do to survive and heal both of us?
I was going with blood dk and he survived 10 mins longer than i did... dunno what to say. I just respec'd shockadin and I am having mediocre results being able to kill people a little better.

I spend probably 50-60% of the time (just a guess) healing myself due to FF on me. IMO we need a little bump in healing power in PVP situations.
^agreed holy pallys need a buff i'd say they're doing hopeless
Well, a mage that has a brain is tough but it really comes down with timing and setting your gear up right, right now, it seems like, you're focusing more on PvP power so your resil is a bit low, every little bit of resil will help against the burst.

also, try to time your trinkets and protects appropriately

and, practice!
My 2's partner is a hunter and im surviving just fine, but I am in almost full pvp gear (except weapon and shield) even if it is crafted pvp gear. Overall I fell fine about it I personally suck being new to areans, but hey thats my problem.
LOL sorry dude ur in better gear than me. I dont know what to say then
Oh last thing im using speed of light and save my hand of freedoms and trinket (if I can) so when I see they are trying to burst me hard I just take of.
I can survive just fine. L2P i whould say.

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