How do you get t14 pieces?

Death Knight
I know, stupid question, I apologize in advance. I just can't seem to figure it out. I got these pants from sha of anger, but it wasn't a token - just the pants (like voa).

I assume LFR (and other versions) drop them off bosses?
I got my 2 set from Sha the 2 times I killed him but when you get tokens you just turn them into the gear vendor like last tier.
K, so bosses still drop tokens then. I just didn't see them in their DJ loot table. Do you know if it's a chance off every boss? Trying to figure out how to use my elder charms. Thanks.
The tier does not drop in the first raid but it will drop out of the 2nd and 3rd.
Ahhh, ok. Thanks.

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