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while levelling? Has anyone done this and what was the outcome? Did you fall behind others gear wise? Did you make huge amounts of gold? Was it worth it?
I did, kinda. I hit 90 before I finished Dread Wastes, but went to finish the quests.

Worth it? I was having serious bad luck with RNG (before the rep requirement for JP gear was nerfed) and couldn't get gear from normals to drop and get me into heroics. So I finished the quests to get some 450 gear.

Plus, many of them unphase areas and unlock dailies (depending on the zone)
If you finish every quest, in every zone, from level 1, you will get to a point where you outlevel the area. As you move to a new area, you will be "ahead of the game" and eventually completely outlevel it. When it becomes a real issue, all your quests will turn grey.

You won't make all that much gold until maybe Outland and beyond. And then it's all relative to what you spend it on.

The only real reasons to do it are to enjoy the lore, or to become loremaster.
I did it I think. If I missed any I have no idea where.

As I leveled this character I did loremaster at the same time...doing Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor before the cataclysm.

EK and Kalim back then were not broken down into quests per zone but quests per continent. It was a real PAIN to find all the quests needed to get it done.
It sounds like it could be a good mission to try as I usually level so fast that I literally miss whole zones and their quests...and this is with no heirlooms on!

I was just thinking though that because I would eventually outlevel the game as to where I am up too, that it could possibly hold me back from getting level appropriate gear for my toon...which would really suck.
I do this generally and I think it's a good way to go about things when a new expansion drops. You get a much better understanding of the zones and the storylines, and you never have to go back to pick up a prerequisite quest that turns into something important.

Meanwhile, the people hurrying to max level hit a wall and get bored. I still haven't run out of interesting new things to do, have more Spirits of Harmony than I'll ever need, and am sitting on a tidy pile of gold.

Side bonus for Pandaria: quests plus human rep bonus plus the Sha claw turn-in means I'm already Honored with the Shado-Pan, even though I won't unlock them for another few days.

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