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I got a new weapon that helped alot, I hear all these Ret Pallies topping the scales, but then I hear these forums saying Ret sucks. I like playing Ret, but I'm sick of being at the bottom of the DPS charts. I reforged for hit, to cap it, I need more espertise as well. I use the priority rotations, keeping Inq up.

Any other tips or help from my fellow pallies. I'm sick of being the whipping boy
10/09/2012 02:55 PMPosted by Rivz
but then I hear these forums saying Ret sucks.

Yeah, all we do here is complain, even though we have it pretty good. At least we aint shadow preists.
For ret, Mastery is really nice to have considering its a percent bonus to the damage of your CS and TV. In terms of rotation, keep inq. up, use exo whenever its up, and pop wings on bosses.
Definitely need more expertise. Biggest hit Ret took converting from Cata to MoP was losing the old SoT glyph. Haste is our best secondary stat due to the fact that it reduces the gaps in our rotation by reducing the cooldowns AND the global cooldowns of our entire rotation; mastery is just behind that, since about half the normal rotation procs Hand of Light.

For trash, I can tell you right now you need the Mass Exorcism glyph and probably Light's Hammer; I'm actually gonna start playing with Holy Prism for trash tonight, since the way it splits coupled with the shorter cooldown may be more advantageous than LH with its 1min. Even without LH on trash pulls, I've been doing pretty competitive DPS - other night, an Ele Shammy and I were doing everything short of popping CDs on trash just to try and top each other. We typically remained neck and neck, trading top spots on trash every other pull. And he was better geared than me, almost full 463 whereas I'm not even averaging 460 and still have green pants.

For bosses, why did you choose Divine Purpose? In 5-mans, bosses die far too fast to see any benefit out of it; if you want to make a better showing on 5-man meters, you need Holy Avenger - period. DP's strength, I feel, lies mainly in long fights where its RNG component can be averaged out; on short fights, HA is liable to be the strongest talent in that tier - until 4pT14 when Sanctified Wrath will trump all else.

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