Alliance cannot quest in Pandaria.

Something seriously needs to be done about the Horde to Alliance ratio. I cant even walk around a city without being ganged up on by multiple horde toons. Its almost impossible to lvl unless i do dungeon finder. I understand its a PvP realm but i spend more time as a ghost than questing its ridiculous. Maybe add Guards to cities to discourage PvP within cities?

According to a website the Ratio is 1 alliance for every 13 horde.

I find it that 99 percent of the horde dont understand what pvp server means and allow alli to just prance around. They need to grow a pair.

As for getting killed. pvp on a pvp server. dont like it roll pve
QQ a little more, I didn't hear you from way in the back. I actually read your whole Part 1/Part 2 wall of txt and here is what I have to say:
I have been Horde my whole life, since before Wow, I hated the alliance in the original Warcraft games. Since Day 1 of Wow there has been fighting. My first server wasn't even a PvP realm but still everyday the Alliance was inside the crossroads ruining our day and questing. ( this was before BG's of course) Did I write a wall of QQ on a forum? no. I have also had the displeasure of being on An ACTUAL Bad server. Blackrock is not one of them. Bottom line is it doesn't matter what game you play or where you are when YOUR faction is outnumbered you WILL have a hard time. your Options? Transfer or Deal with it. Your whining on a public forum will only make people headhunt you more. There are idiots on both factions. But quite simply, nobody likes a crier.
I am glad I off Blackrock when I did. Even when we left, Alliance was seriously dead. And the skill level of the average Horde pvper wasn't too much better.

Also, Maeow, who were you on BR in Vanilla/BC/Wrath?
You derps do know that with the xzone of realms it doesn't matter if you're in black rock or not.....
this is honestly the best part of blackrock, whenever i get the itch for world pvp i level my alliance characters/xfer. it used to be better with instant bg queues as well but it's nice to actually see the opposing faction.
I'd like to hear from Alliance who faction swapped to Horde or to other realms.

They're the real cause of this problem. Blackrock used to be almost balanced.

Also to the Horde who think the situation is entirely reasonable for Alliance: Why not transfer over to Alliance then?

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