Cannot log in to a ANY character.

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topic says it all. Every other character is cool and fine. But this one.
Bump. =/
Have you put in a ticket. The GMs can actually help you with this but you will have to wait in queue.

Have you also tried to perform a UI reset, if not try that while you wait on your ticket.
I put in a ticket, but the last one took days. By ui reset, do you mean the console command?

/console reloadui

I mean, I've tried disabling my Addons, so maybe you mean that, I don't know. ):
I now can not log in two two characters.
Three characters. I can no longer log in to my main.
What error message are you getting, or are you just stuck forever loading ingame?
10/10/2012 10:51 AMPosted by Rollthebones
Three characters. I can no longer log in to my main.

Okay, four characters. I'm going to assume I simply can't log in to Tortheldrin for some reason.
Yeah was going to ask, can you try another server and see if you can log in?

If you can I have an idea.
10/10/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Xianglu
What error message are you getting, or are you just stuck forever loading ingame?

I can log in fine, I just get to the character select screen, and try to log in. I get about 90% of the way there, and then it just disconnects me to the log in screen.

It started with being unable to log in to Roll yesterday afternoon. Now I can't log in to anyone over any server it seems.

Drak'tharon is unenterable.

EDIT: I have logged into Agamaggan!

EDIT2: For less than ten seconds. It disconnected me.
OK- is it the exact same thing, almost getting there then disconnecting on Drak'tharon?
Do you also have characters on Agamaggan and Drak'tharon?

(Meaning you had them on there before these issues started happening)
at least i know i am not alone today cant log into any character it loads then within seconds it dc's started a ticket. I went through the suggested actions with no joy. I hate when this happens.
What Internet company are you guys with?

Sgrat, including copying and pasting your Interface, Cache and WTF folders to the desktop, then deleting them from where WoW is installed so you're starting with no information in those folders besides default install?
... My druid is now in the Darnassus Graveyard. I can also get on him for about ten seconds before disconnecting.

(I had a 70 Warrior on Agamaggan, and a few 70s on Drak'tharon.)
OK- can you try rolling a brand new character on a brand new (random) server just to see if you can stay connected on the brand new character? I have a theory that cache data might be causing this, if you can stay connected on the newbie I'll guide you through deleting the info.
Well I know how to delete the Cacha/WTF/Interface, I just prefer not to, because it seems a silly way to fix a problem, y'know? I'll try that, though.

Also, I can no longer log in to my druid at all, again.

I want to know why he's in Darnassus now.
Did you test a brand new character?

Also, where were you when you died? There are a few weird places in the world that will move you to the nearest major city when you die.
I didn't die. I was in the Stormwind Auction House.

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