85-90 leveling

I dont see any sticky on the subjet,so I got to ask.
What would be a good leveling spec to go from 85 to lvl 90?

I've been using destro for the most part of 70 to 85 in randoms ,fire and brimstone+immolate then rain of fire is quite fun to see ,but as I lvl up alone with my voidlord,I cant really AoE pack of mobs like I used to in randoms,its quite a slow process so far,I got the feeling I lost a lot of power from cata to MoP,on single target I usually start with imolate.conflagrate then spam incinerate.
I keep my burning embers for immolate spread with bigger group but then I grab aggro from the void,dont know what I'm doing wrong but I feel like I'm missing something.
I just started leveling my lock using affliction (what I raided with in Cata) and have not really had that hard of a time with it.

While leveling through Wrath and Cata I used demo due to its survivability but haven't found the engergy to respec my destro to demo to test it out.
I've enjoyed leveling as demo. It's been pretty simple as my voidlord can tank at least 4 mobs at once.
I dont really get demo,are you supposed to use dark apotheosis all the time,or meta?meta look good (seem the big dmg come from there )but you lose demonic fury so fast and no real way to keep it up in meta
I've got realm-first 90 achiev leveling as affli (took me about 15 hrs), 85-87 w/ GoSac, switched to Supremacy w/ purple dude tanking upon entering kun-lai summit.

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