Rare petiquette?

Pet Battles
I have farmed out locations on 3 separate servers trying to get some rares , part of the collection game involves competitiveness, thats MMO 101.

Until 5.1 hits play the game as is fun for you, blizzard will design the game around our playstyle.

People cant do raids -> make raids easier -> people complain raids are too easy -> make hardmode raids -> people cant form raids -> make lfr raids -> people ninjaloot -> lfr loot system.

The same refinement will occur to the pet battle system.
I farm rares. If someone truly want one for their collection, they'll get it. Half the fun is searching for the rare pet. However, I have uncommons of the fel flame, minifernal, flayer youngling, and Sporeling sprout so I won't spend more than a few minutes doing flybys. I really want a rare fel flame and youngling. The others I don't care about.

As far as upgrading goes, I'm not sure what its going to take to be able to upgrade so I will continue rare hunting until I find out. I hope it's not too easy to upgrade, or it's going to ruin the fun of the hunt.
Until we know how the upgrading works I'm going to keep hunting for rares. I won't steal a pet out from under someone but other than that everything's fair game.
I almost always finish a fight, even if it means there's no rare or I don't catch anything. I always have a pet that is of lower level up front so it can ride off the exp of the higher level pets. Now, I say ALMOST always finish a fight because in Pandaria, I do not. Because there's no CRZ yet, there aren't many people pet battling in Pandaria. I don't feel too terrible if I clear out a small area because there's nobody else around to battle.

As for capturing, I only capture Uncommon and Rare. Uncommon for the first time I catch that pet (just so I can have a decent version of it) and then I try to go for the Rare.

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