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Hello there Stormrage! Have you ever wanted to raid at a steady pace, without the force of needing to do a 4 day raid schedule? Ever wanted to be the one downing that content before it was nerfed into the ground?

Well Watermelon Felons is for you! Watermelon Felons (WMF) for short is a guild made of friends who have been playing the game since Vanilla. The raid leaders/officers/GM have downed such bosses as
*Post Flame Dart Kil'Jaden (Pre 3.0)
*15% Heroic Lich King
*Pre Nerf Rag
*Pre Nerf Deathwing (And the actual boss spine ;) )
*All T14 Content (Normal/Beta) and the strats (Ideas) for heroic encounters
And have been in many top ranking world/us guilds. We have come to a point in the game where we can no longer raid 6 days a week 8 - 10 hours a day, and just wish to down the content at a more semi hardcore pace.

We plan on keeping a 3 day raid schedule, at a max 4 hours a night, unless we feel we are close to a particular boss kill, and the majority of the group wishes to continue.
Tuesday 8 - 12 (EST)
Wednesday 9 - 12 (EST)
Monday 8 - 12 (EST)

What we as a guild wish to accomplish! We hope to accomplish a casual environment that downs content at a reasonable, and respectable rate. Being hardcore raiders for years we are looking forward to stepping back and taking things nice, and easy!

"But why do you need us, if you're so hardcore" you may ask? A great question! We decided to start new, on a server none of us had been on. And not all of our friends kept the same mindset. So we want a new healthy roster of recruits, that can help us achieve this goal!

If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact, Emaias, Jellotime, or anyone else in the guild! We plan to start raiding as soon as we get a steady roster, hopefully by next Tuesday! So what are you waiting for, join WMF, and become part of a better raiding experience apply today at wmf.guildportal.com !

Have a great day!

Edit* Not sure why it says im 89... Damn you blizz! To the multiple people asking me why recruiting if you arent 90. I am. Blizzard is slightly slow

Currently looking to fill our roster with 1 more solid off tank, and a couple more dps!

Feel free to ask any questions, and i will devote as much time as you need
Bump guys (: almost there (:
I have an offer for you, myself, a 366 resto sham, and my RL friend a 367 prot war are looking for a guild in which we can clear content together. we have both down 1/6 and have experience with 2/6. we left our mop guild due to bad management and hope to quickly find a new guild. We have both played since burning crusade and have being raiding together since WOTLK. We both spend way too much time on this game and were sure to pull our weight
Get back to me if your interested!
bump! We need more peeps :) go go!
Still searching for competent DPS! We have all our healers and tanks! Where are the DPS!?
Bump, we have cake and pie(:
Bump guys! Still looking for a few solid dps to round out the roster
bump! Come to the Dark side, we have cookies :)
And pie ^
I demand additional purple drank!
Demands: Met

Still looking for one off tank!
Bump. Need one more offtank. tell your friends! we dont bite hard :)

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