Prot pally...incoming damage kinda hard...

Idk, it seems as if i'm getting hit too hard when I tank compared, to let's say a guardian druid. It may be my reforging, or my gear, i'm not quite sure. Someone able to check my reforges/stats/gears?
I've noticed I take a big hit off the bat make sure your sacred shield is up and get that shield of rightous hit in asap I've also been tossing lights hammer to help take some of the sting off of the big hit
Well you are missing quite a few enchants, and you're using a spike on your shield... looks like your Hit / Expertise are okay for now, though. It could help curb some of your damage at least.
yeah, damage from mobs feel like i'm getting hit by a truck. as far as enchants, i need to work on that. maybe that's it?
um, I don't find this at all, I can tank groups of 7 or more mobs easily without needing a healer, currently in heroics I'm chain pulling majority of the time since I don't take too much damage, however I can only talk about experience from heroics since I haven't raided yet.

Seems like you have gone for a lot of hit/expertise, I thought that build with lots of that needed loads of haste as well to increase the speed of holy power generation so you can keep the sotr buff up.

but yeah maybe focus less on hit/exp and more on avoidance, I mean I have more dodge/parry and almost as much block as you....

Also what seal are you using?
Usually when you are getting rocked as a pally it means you might be a bit too conservative with your cds.

How are you using your cds? Are you debuffing all mobs with Weakened blows? Are you swapping out the Divine protection glyph as needed?

Druids have more passive mitigation than we paladins do since we have way way more cds to use.

Also SoI is currently bugged where it procs on the HotR splash damage so you might want to switch to it if needed.

Im a BIG fan of Holy Avenger because it can be used as a survival cd if needed.

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