One Step at a Time achievement?

So, Blizzard, how is this achieve intended to be completed? The stone guards immediately attack you when in melee and of course, they're placed in the spots you need to walk through. Other than cheating by bringing someone else with you or by waiting for some random to aggro them for you, how is this possible?
I'm wondering this as well. It seems you can just barely avoid some of the stone guards, but it doesn't seem to work for all of them.

The dragon boss (Thunder Below) also grabs you and drops you a sufficient distance to cause fall damage...not sure what a DK, for example, is supposed to do about that.
I was able to achieve this by the very method you said in your original post, Adarrin.
I had a friend from another realm get aggro and activate/aggro those "melee" guards. The only risk for that half of the achievement is to not step on any traps or getting hit by the falling rocks.

The other half you can get credit just being above being safe, as long as someone in your group kills it for you.
It is possible to do solo, just requires a massive amount of luck. I solo'd the Crumbling Halls portion, albeit after several hours of attempting, but had a friend help with the other part just to save time.
Yeah, this is frustrating as hell, and if I have to use some one else to cheese it then I'm not gonna bother. Takes the feeling of accomplishment away completely.
The stone guards are not an issue - you just have to face them whenever you are in a square directly next to them - as long as you're facing them - they don't attack.

My prob is the dragon at the bottom --- haven't fought him yet, but wonder how that would work.....?
Well if your a melee your screwed, these achievments are total crap imo. They need to be designed to being not hit by anything like traps and mob abilities. Right now as it stands, even if you get down to the boss you still have to not engage in melee making these unsoloable for any melee spec or class due melee attacks the mobs do.
This and the Shando-Pan ones just need to be scrapped or redesigned as they encourange you to just cheese them with having someone else do the quest for you.
According to the comments on WoWhead - it can be done - it's just really really difficult.
The stone guards are not an issue - you just have to face them whenever you are in a square directly next to them - as long as you're facing them - they don't attack.

My prob is the dragon at the bottom --- haven't fought him yet, but wonder how that would work.....?

I thought maybe it was a facing thing too. So I ran up to one and looked at it.

It punched me.
This achievement wasn't simple by any means, I put hours into actually finishing it, but as a mage it is extremely easier compared to other classes. The aggro radius for the mogu is actually small enough that we can just blink through any area where a mogu is standing and continue on our way. When you have to activate the first device you can stand just far enough away and click on it that you won't awaken a mogu statue. The final room was fairly simple when you actually made it there, if you positioned yourself well you can just blink to the edge of the rune in the middle and click the orb, blink to the final orb, hearth out and hand in the quest.

The dragon was also pretty simple. Aside from avoiding lightning pools, (running back and forth spamming spells on the top platform) whenever he would pull you to the middle of the room and drop you, you can blink in any direction and just run back up to the top platform without taking any damage.
Those stone guards are so random I'm wondering if they're bugged. Some of them dont seem to attack under any cirumstances, others will activate well outside of melee range, and sometimes I've had them stay deactivated while I'm touching one of the orbs, then as I'm waiting for a boulder to fall before I proceeed, it suddenly attacks me without warning.

I tried everything, I tried not looking at them, I tried looking at them, I tried walking instead of running. There is no rhyme or reason to these things. Looks like I'm gonna just bring a friend for this.

Ugh, seriously I almost made it... really it just depends on whether or not the stone mogu activate or not... sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. You would think there was a definite way to avoid activating them given that they're placed such that you CANNOT avoid them.
This achievement seems pretty lame in its current state. The mogu seem pretty random as to when they attack you. For Crumbling Hall, I almost made it without taking damage by slow walking but one mogu in the final room attacked me still....:( I then, tried it again, and slow walking didn't work nearly as well as they still attacked me. It seems pretty luck-based. I request a BLIZZARD response to this. Is there is a full-proof method to do this besides partnering up, getting super lucky, or using cheesy class mechanics that some don't have?
Are these one off quests or dailies? Can't say I remember ever doing them more then once
Beyond frustrating! I've wasted hours on this not so fun achievement - the guards activating is 100% random as far as I can tell...

I grouped with a friend as a last resort and ran point figuring at least one of us could get this leg of the achievement - we get to the first orb and I walked up to it close enough to use, jumped up and down and the guards didn't move; my friend comes in, deactivates the orb and both guards activate and pounce him - what??!!

You can't cheese it as you have to deactivate the three walls as well as get the final orb; the rocks and traps can be avoided but the guards are plain and simple stupid, unforgiving RNG and that makes this nothing more than a 100 need roll achievement except you can waste hours 'rolling' the die for it ><.

Another solo attempt; I follow someone in who is rampaging and killing all the guards - awesome - except I get stranded in the last room; wait 5 mins for more people to come in, they aggro the centre guards - perfect! - I move around the safe path and ... AGGRO THE GUARD HIDDEN BY THE COLUMN ... sheesh; so close, so annoying, so unfair!

Please rethink this one Blizzard.
Throw away your hearthstone, and still have a way to teleport out. This works best for shamans and mages obviously, but there's other ways too (The Innkeeper's Daughter is probably best).

Whenever you approach a statue that may be active? Use the unstuck command, and as you don't have a Hearthstone, it'll instantly kill you and teleport you to the nearest graveyard, but this does no damage to you.

Corpse run back, obviously slightly further than the problematic statue. Repeat as necessary.

Oh, and never get into melee range in Milau, she'll autoattack you. Sucks to be melee!

Horrible horrible achievement.
first mogus blockin path down stairs go through the right mogu. When u get to lever go from the left mogu and work ur way forward. then next lot of mogus after both switchs choose right mogu again. when u get to tiles jump 45 degrees left or right and make sure not to land on tile in front of monster. Once u hit the last switch repeat till u get to last 2 mogus run through them usin the middle line run pass the 2 mogus, hit the switch and hearth.

ps sorry if my txt is blaahhh
Without cheesing it, it can be done solo.

If you stay max range possible from them, more often than not they don't aggro. Still some luck involved, but it's very possible to do.

Took only a few tries for me when I did it.
done it as a rogue....both soloable

for tile part just dont walk on the tile in front of the statues or they activate...jump over to a tile on the side....or for thunder below you have to jump over 1 entire tile twice unless you heart..pretty difficult if you dont have minor run speed chant for boots

for crumbling hall..the trick is to alway go near the left side statue on your screen..never go near the one on the right side of your screen(thats if u got a huge space between 2 mogu)...otherwise dont go near them at all or they basicly your first room you can see 4 mogu...1 to left..2 at the center..and 1 to the not walk near left or right side one....go toward the 2 mogu in the not go near the right side mogu that is in the center but the left side one...for the other room just follow the info above

about Milau fight...there is a way to cancel his leap attack..when he move over to the center run close to the edge...he cant pull you over if u near the edge when he does his pull...therefore no fall damages...the lightning pool are quite hard to dodge but aside that pretty easy fight....dont go too close to him if your melee or you will get a direct hit....if your caster be in melee range but not too close to him.....just enough so that u get enough time to run near the edge when he bout to leap you for fall damages

aside that..well enjoy rock dodging in crumbling hall lol...probably the hardest thing to do that has no specific mechanic

Edit: Hearting is suggested for Crumbling Hall once you have completed it...i haven't try mechanic for the walk back normal way didn't feel like doing nother restart at risk of figuring the mechanics for the way out lol...thunder below is a walk in the park walk back out so dont worry bout that one...unless your scared that an alliance show up lol
Soo ive completed The Crumbling Halls over 50 times now without credit. And completed it today with 2 guildies helping, with 1 of my guildies getting credit. Just opened up another ticket with a 1 day 5 hour wait time. I just want my achievement, any suggestions? Or is it just bugged for this toon?

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