[H] Druid LF Wed-Fri Raiding Guild

Resto/Balance Druid LF Wed-Fri Raiding Guild - 10M or 25M - any time of day, preferably night time. Can't raid Sunday-Tuesday ever due to work schedule (work nights). Experience as resto in cata, recently enjoying boomkin as of MoP. Previously raided in LK as Prot Pally and Rogue and BC/Vanilla as Rogue. Message me in game or reply here please.
Also can bring a friend who is a Holy / Shadow priest.
Hey man, Zenith is looking for a Boomkin for our 10 man raid group. Our raid days are Tue, Thur, and sun, 7-10. I see you cant make our tue, and sun raids, but if you want to raid on Thursdays with us, you are more than welcome. Send Theonlyninja a msg in game, that's our raid leader if you interested.

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