Extremely new to game, need some help.

Hello, I am making this post to ask a few questions I hope to get the best answers to, from players who know what they are doing.

I recently started playing WoW again, the last time I played was pre-BC. A friend of mine referred me and I quickly leveled up to 90. Now that I am here, I plan to Raid and go do any and all forms of PvP. The problem?

I am SO out of the loop on the meta game, and SO much as changed that I may as well be entirely clueless on what I am doing for each. I have google searched for days now and I keep finding conflicting posts and out of date threads so anything I have found may as well mean dirt with MoP being so new.

To sum it all up, I am in terrible need of help from an experienced Paladin player, or directed to a recent guide made by one. I saw the sticky above and read it but I still am somewhat lost as to what it is all supposed to mean. I have no idea what to do for a spell rotation, and what to stack stat wise.

And a last side question, is it possible to switch my primary profession with me secondary without losing all the hard work I did leveling it up?

Thank you for reading and your patience and understanding. I am just getting nowhere with google and finally caved to ask here.
I found this post helpful for tanking if thats what your into.

This helps me a bunch for PvE, thank you and the person who wrote this.

Still need a decent guide to PvP. I read the one sticky and I am sure it is great, it is just I hardly understand what the mean, lingo-wise mostly.

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