[H] Static 25m - 13/14 Heroic - 3 Nights/wk

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Warlocks, please come out of hiding!
Recruitment Updated!
Keep on app'ing
Updated 11/15
If you can dps and dodge disks.....let's talk
11/19 and still looking for fire-dodging raiders.
4/16H Recruitment needs have been updated.
Elegon down, still no mount
11/23 still looking to fill a few slots
To the top please
Ty come again
More heroics ready to be downed....who wants to join?
Big night of raiding awaiting us tonight
Blade Lord down, Garalon will be dead tomorrow.

Recruitment is still open!
HC Garalon to 2% last night...
Garalon down!
Still looking, check recruitment needs
Always looking!
Recruiting warlocks?

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