[H] Static 25m - 13/14 Heroic - 3 Nights/wk

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This guild does things, occasionally...
Let's keep this pace of 2 new hm encounters downed per week please
Just curious if you folks are still recruiting a dk dps? I'm a DW Frost DK, ilvl 485 looking for a new home
Absolutely Thraesh! go to staticraid.com to apply

you can contact me in game if you want any more info
RealID: virbitsky.nick@gmail.com
Please keep your spam out of my recruiting thread (I don't even want your bump)

-Static does not support those who sell gold

-Static does support good raiders (apply if you think you are)
Bump for majestic server first 25M friends.
Appreciate that Dargonkin! Hope all goes well in Adelante as well ;)
8/16 Heroic now, recruitment updated
Grats on the kill!
9/16H.....just keep on moving
Yay stabilization!

Also, beep boop
You look so wacky as an undead Hal...

3 new ones in 1 week!

-Static does not support those who sell gold

Oh really now.
Another week....albeit shortened due to the holidays
@Taterz......are you doing something that I should be aware of?
Still here, still looking

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