[H] Static 25m - 13/14 Heroic - 3 Nights/wk

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Thank goodness for a new reset. Time to kill more bosses.
People who can actually play their class are welcome to apply
2 more bosses and new recruitment
Primo should be down Monday, along with IQ
When are your raid times? 514 Tree Chicken LF new home
8:30-12:30 Wed/Thur/Mon EST

Oh, and Recruitment updated
Primordius down

7/13 Heroic
Durumu down

8/13 Heroic

Recruitment updated
10/13 now....almost there
Animus progression!
Animus progression!

Makes my head hurt!
Lei-shen progression time!


I mean uhh, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Starting to get tired, real tired.
Monday blues
Lei Shin will be down shortly, looking to beef up the roster going into 5.4. If you think you have what it takes, put up an application.
Like I said before, if you think you have what it takes do not hesitate to apply.
Recruitment up to date
Congrats on Storm's End , Static!
Thank you very much Wuvius

Ra-Den next

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