469 iLvl Arms Warrior LF Raid Group

As stated in the title, I am a 469 iLvl Arms warrior, pulling top DPS in the raids that I have been in this xpac. I'm looking for a solid 10 or 25 man group that is progressing and focusing on clearing content.

I have experience raiding in the past on several toons - leading a guild to 4/8HM DS pre-nerfs, although we all know DS was casual and isn't anything to mention - and I am willing to go prot as well if off tank is needed, my prot set is nearly complete.

Please add me in game or post here with information about your guild/raid times/application if necessary.

Thanks :D
Hi there, <B i S> Alliance, 10 man, is currently recruiting DPS players for FULL TIME spots on our core raid team. We currently raid Tuesday/Saturday from 7p-10p server time and Wednesday 8p-10p. We focus both on progression and having fun while raiding. We are looking for members who not only preform consistently well but also show up to raid on time and ready to kill! If you wish to apply to the guild or have further questions please contact a guild officer in game by adding ninjagoat15@yahoo.com or ipwn1213@gmail.com to Real ID.

We hope to hear from you soon,
B i S recruitment officers

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