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Death Knight
I been looking all over and it seems everyone is throwing in mixed information on the most valuable secondary stats,

I assume everyone is going frost since I haven't heard anyone going unholy at the moment. Frost stats from noxxic online guide.
DW = Mastery > haste > crit >
2 handed = haste > crit > mastery

Not sure if they did much theory crafting for it. But what is everyone going for in terms of stats? and at what percent are you usually cutting off on secondary stacking?
Useless comment to bump because I am to finding different answers all over the place.
May just need to wait a bit longer to give the peeps that figure this sh!7out more time... Meanwhile I'll just farm in pvp I guess... =(
Expertise (3%+) >= Melee Hit (3%) > PvP Power > Strength > PvP Resilience > Haste > Crit > Mastery

Expertise (3%+) >= Melee Hit (3%) > PvP Power > Strength > PvP Resilience > Mastery > Haste > Crit

That's what noxxic says not what op said.
Don't be mean to him he's not used to getting whacked with the nerf bat.
I think he might have a concussion...

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