All of our speccs are too fun. :<

Damn it Blizzard, now give me a way to play all three!

No but really, I love this class. Who else has absolutely fallen completely in love?

(Department of Redundancy Department.)
10/11/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Tidepaw
Who else has absolutely fallen completely in love?

As an admitted altoholic, I have not logged in on any other toon except my monk (save my inscription toon for 2 mins every day) since MoP dropped.

Most. Fun. Ever.
I'm barely 40, only played 3 nights, and I am sold completely.

The tanking alone even at this low level has so many things to monitor / pay attention to / etc.

I saw someone make a statement I feel is appropriate "Monks are quite possibly the most skill dependent class in the game"

It sure feels that way, I hope it stays this way, but I also hope they fix the few serious issues the class has quickly.

Anyone that calls monk a FotM is a bad.
I like the class and what it offers it just needs some tweaking at lvl 90
same as op
I fell in love with Holy priests in Cata, but Mistweaving is definitely my new healing love. Probably some of the most involved healing I've ever done. <3
i do agree completely with you that i have a blast when i play it but i constantly find myself confused with some of our abilities along with thier numbers at 90.

the mechanics and how we play is a blast, but when realisticly looking at them from a pvp standpoint we need some tweaks overall were decent but we need some utility and some quality of life changes to make us a viable choice in arena

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