Holy pally mastery not favourable for tanks

I levelled to 90 as Protection. I like tanking and healing, I struggle with ret :-/

After getting season 12 heal set crafted so I can heal some heroics to get some practice (yep, heal pve in pvp gear).
I like healing, haven’t done it since early cata so I was a bit rusty for my first couple, but did ok.

I start thinking about reforging and what stats I am really after.

So the stats available (besides intellect/spirit) are haste, mastery and crit.
It seems that a lot of classes like mastery, I know it is great on my warlock and pretty good as a tank.
Mastery – heals also absorb damage

My question is, ignore and reforge out of mastery for crit and haste?
This giving the tank more vengeance.
Or keep up the mastery to conserve mana some more, it seems mana seems to be a healers biggest issue this expansion.?
Spamming holy light seems effective (most of the time)

As a tank, I prefer being healed rather than damage mitigated, sorry disc priests so I can build up MOAR vengeance!
Bubbles don't cause less vengeance. Vengeance is based on pre-mitigation damage, which means the raw damage a mob would have done if the tank had no absorbs, no block, and no armor value at all.
Great answer, thanks.

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