[NPC] Leven Dawnblade - isn't spawning

Bug Report
Can we get this fixed...I dont want to fall behind in the daily grind.
Same problem..
Same problem on Elune, after reading this one, it seems like this should be fixed, or feedback from Blizz.
posted on another thread about this
How is this an issue not worth addressing? Atleast we could get a blue post? I mean, as important as they have made dailies this xpac, should'nt and issue with dailies be important as well?
please fix,
as if now problem still persisting
Same issue @ Tol Barad, just got to honored and the npc can only be found at the garrison and he doesn't even have the question mark...
exact problem on whisperwind. I just hit honored and I cannot turn this quest in at the garrison and the npc does not spawn at the pagoda.
We are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution.
Today's restart did not fix it, if that was the intention.
My boyfriend is having this same issue... When can it be fixed? :(
He's missing valuable rep/rewards with these guys.. =/
Same issue, seems like a pretty important point in the golden lotus chain. Please fix this.
same issue
Please fix this.
Having the same issue, along with other guildies.
I'll post here too, may as well. I cannot access any of the dailies either. I've put in a ticket, and have done all (to my knowledge) prerequisite quests to unlock the dailies at the Pagoda, but no luck. Rawr.
Losing time.....Same problem here. Two days of dailies missed because of this......This should be top priority! This one thing keeps you from doing ALOT of major rep gains above lvl 90. Kinda wierd how you need this one faction repped before you can do anything else, faction wise. And then it bugs......
10/04/2012 09:45 AMPosted by Sapperwix
We are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution.

Please, please hurry......

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