[NPC] Leven Dawnblade - isn't spawning

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10/04/2012 01:09 PMPosted by Càrlyle
Losing time

me too
Alright - finished the quest yesterday, logged in today to do my dailies, and saw him at the Golden Pagoda. I guess he walks really really slow.
He's not there for me either. Good to see they are working on it, hopefully he'll be there tomorrow.
He's still not there for me. This is very frustrating.
Same problemmm
Still waiting, giving into my rage with Chalice of Secrets
happened for me
This is still happening as of now for me.

This is a pretty big blunder.
Sad face. This quest is also broken for me. The NPC phasing and relocating seems to be the thing making this quest bug out a bit.
Same issue here. Realistically we pay for a game and pay a subscription fee, this shouldnt be an issue that is outstanding for months from what i have read on this forum. Blizzard says they are aware but nothing is being done. First off rep grinds are painful as can be and to make it so its even more painful is just not what I want to pay to do.
I have this problem. If you abandon the quest, Leven Dawnblade standing at the Gate of the Setting Sun will give you the quest again. However, upon completion, it still wants you to go to the Golden Pagoda to turn it in and Leven at the Gate of the Setting Sun doesn't have the yellow question mark over his head.
Yep same here... can't believe this post was made over three days ago and this hasn't been fixed.
When the dailies reset the next day, he was there for me.
People are saying please hurry?
go outside if you're in that much of a rush to turn in 1 quest, seriously guys.
It's been nearly 2 weeks since launch, and the entire Golden Lotus daily quest system has been an unmitigated disaster in terms of buggy quests. I can't even fathom how blizzard finds this acceptable. FIX THIS NOW.
The next day when the dailys reset he was there for me at the Pagoda, and I turned in the quest.
Still not fixed....
Same issue here.

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