[NPC] Leven Dawnblade - isn't spawning

Bug Report
Oct 6th about 4pm central, completed quest and NPC Leven Dawnblade isn't there for me either. Just so they know if they thought they fixed it ...it's not.

On a positive, if somewhat off topic, note... i love the look of this expansion.
Just had to say that ...
Same issue... still isn't fixed.... i tried re-logging, seen him for a split second and he phased out, so i tried again thinking i could spam click it real fast but it didn't work :(
Hope this issue is addressed promptly
Fixed - as of 10/7 at 6am server. Lightbringer.
Not fixed. I'm having the same problem right now. Leven Dawnblade is in the Setting Sun Garrison right now with no ? over head. He is not at The Golden Pagoda.
still no npc on nagrand...plz blizz fix this or give us the rep we have lost due to this over the last few days
Same here no NPC. Duskwood
Same bug here.

Leven Dawnblade is spawned, I found him in the Setting Sun Garrison...

...though he's phased wrong or something because I can't turn my quest into him I need Pagota-Leven not Garrison-Leven(who seems to be a bit lazy and off-duty eating donuts)

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