Should i do it? Im scared.. very scared

My main was originally the warrior going into cata. I started playing him at the end of season 10 but then shortly realized how garbage they were compared to other classes. I said to myself there isnt much a warrior could do that a dk didnt do better.

That being said, leveled a mage in order to get a feel of being OP. It feels good but i like the warrior class a lot better.

But should i take the chance? knowing that warriors always get nerfed hard every expansion, should i take a chance and level mine from 85 to 90? Im scared
they already nerfed second wind from 3% right?
They buffed Second Wind back up to 3%.
The did not buff second wind. They simply removed the limitations to percentage based healing in PvP.
Everybody wants to be a warrior, but no one wants to be a warrior.
Be a Pandaren Warrior

Our 2handed animation is awesome
do it warriors are pretty fun imo
10/02/2012 04:45 PMPosted by Gorvand
always warriors.

Always. :(
Forever owned :(
everyone wants to be a warrior no one wants to PLAY a warrior
everyone want to be a warrior nobody want to be a paladin
10/03/2012 10:26 AMPosted by Retributions
everyone want to be a warrior nobody want to be a paladin

whoa whoa whoa....what?
Don´t do it.
This is the definition of FoTM.

GG bro, GG.
I played a warrior in BC, and had a blast. Towards the beginning of wrath I "gave" my account away. Obviously towards the end of wrath i got sucked back in and made a dk out of convenience. All along i wanted to quit, threw cata too. I got raf and came back to my warrior roots once again this game is enjoyable, win lose or draw. Once a warrior always a warrior. I have no alts nor will i ever make one again. Nothing else is fun.
Warriors are fun bromigo.
10/03/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Gorgannan
Nerfed every expac? You do realize season 10 was the first time we were bad, right?

S2 and S5 were also bad. We tend to not do all that well towards the beginning of new content due to crazy scaling, though that's a thing of the past.

Also lolS5. Rets and DKs are fine, you just need to l2p.

But yeah, S10-S11 were sort of outliers. We're usually fine, but it's rare for almost any class to have two consecutive seasons where we were as bad as we were for those two.

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