Whats up with Zen Sphere damage?

It just isn't all that great...In beta it was VERY Overpowered but and it got nerfed like 90% or something. The nerf was fine but it shouldn't have been nerfed THAT much. It needs a buff on the damage side the healing is fine but I don't even see a use for it in my rotation with the damage so low. The only use for it seems to be to cast it then immediately detonate it in big AOE mobs for the AOE damage? Just hope this gets buffed
The level 30 talents are primarily for healing, don't expect a Zen Sphere buff on the damage end anytime soon.
i loved ZS in the beta, but i mostly played mistweaver. I tried totake it on live as WW and it is absolutely terrible. the heal ticked for 1.3k at level 88, when i finally gave up and switched to chi wave. I viewed it as a survival talent, so i didnt even bother to look at the damage.

Chi wave is by far the best talent choice, at least for WW. it has saved my !@# several times, in spite of its buggy randomly-not-jumping nature.

I think the t2 talents could use a rework.
Hell, as a healer, I adore Chi Burst. Nice for burning off Chi when the tank doesn't need Enveloping (yay more Mana Tea stacks). Granted, it does pitiful damage, but if you're good at positioning, it's amazing group healing.

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