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So while leveling up my monk, I abandoned the pet battle quest I had (Stonetalon maybe?) to make room for more quests to stack/turn in with the xp buff. It appears that in doing so, I cannot get the pet battle quest chain back. Does anyone know if this is a known issue, or am I missing something here?
Did you try going back to Varzog in Org?
Yes, neither him nor the goblin had any quests available.
I have the same problem just on Alliance
I did the same thing, and then randomly a day later the quest was back on the chick in stormwind.
i have the same problem but the quest is not back yet
This is happening to me, put in a ticket, and got the usally run around. whats the use of putting one in, if u can't get any help. This is where blizz lacks in support. There in the mind set that ur trying to get additional info. about the game. I just wanted to continue the dang quest line. Go figure. So if anyone can help me, please reply to this post.
I have the same problem, I have put in three tickets now but keep getting the same automated response. The tickets must be filtered somehow. I have been trying to find out how to pick up this quest line for some time now but can not seem to figure it out. A little help blizzard?
Go talk to a GM via the ticket report system, shouldn't be that bad. if need be use a different issue that is not filtered to get your (unusual) problem addressed.

Or wait for a reset, and then be sad and try a ticket again.
I just now picked up the quest I dropped. I went to the last battle trainer I remembered and was able to pick up the quest even though there was no icon on the trainer.

if you battled any of them, try looking up the chain and going to the one you think was your last fight
i can confirm what Polysaarks said. i dropped my pet battle quest and when i went back to the last trainer i had defeated they had the quest with them. so in order to pick it back up go to the last trainer that you defeated and they will give u the quest to go get the next one.
Press Y
Check achievment - For me it was Taming Kalimdor that was relevant as I abadoned while doin that one
The last guy defeated is the one that gave you your last quest - type is name into wowhead and go see him

That fixed my problem - hope this helps!
so what if you can't remember what toon you were on when you did the quests originally? I have tried my most frequently played characters and have been unable to pick the quest chain back up
Im having the same issue. Just submitted a ticket, and a bit frustrated since ive gone back to all the first trainers and none have a quest. Obviously this is an issue blizz isnt wanting to fix considering all the crap we have to go through to try and get it fixed.

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