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...Kalg and Kayko would cringe, but here is an alternate power supply that isn't as nice but would work and ultimately save you about $15 - http://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-Elite-Supply-RS460-PSARI3-US/dp/B002G1YPHK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1349250149&sr=8-1&keywords=COOLER+MASTER+Elite+460+RS-460-PSAR-J3+460W+ATX12V+V2.31+++Power+Supply

The main differences are that the Corsair in the partspicker list is 80+ certified and has active power factor correction (PFC), whereas the Coolermaster is only 70%+ efficient. It also isn't black to match the inside of the case (lol). But it would work and save ~$15, putting you very near a $450 total. That $15 would be worth putting towards the G860 (3ghz - every little bit counts for video editing) and a 1TB hard drive (literally double the capacity for $10).

I totally understand trying to save money though.
Yeah where'd you find that psu deal? Heh. I guess I could try to cross-reference every part with pricewatch/pricegrabber and google shopping, but ugh. Sometimes you find vendors that are shifty, then you want to check resellerratings.com. I used to go through all of that years ago but it always seemed like I mostly ended up with Newegg, Amazon, ZipZoomFly (although they've gone way downhill), maybe Mwave.

One thing the OP could do is walk into the nearest Microcenter since they live in CA. You'd want to know what you're looking for though so you don't blindly grab an Athlon X3 Rana core with an ECS board. lol.
Have no idea if you guys are gonna answer me back but I was wondering


Took it from Selvaganesh, and does that motherboard hold 16g of ram? Does that mean I can buy more sticks? I managed to get a hold on some money lol.
Also, what kind of settings would I be using? It said on the guide I could do Ultra but. . .not so sure.
That board will take 16gb of ram but only in 2 slots, so if you want 16gb you'd have to buy it from the start. I'm not sure if your video editing applications would take advantage of 16mb over 8mb, you'd have to google some reviews/benchmarks...I do know that working with raw images in Photoshop with filters and layers can begin to use a ton of ram - luckily there's a ridiculous deal on 16gb right now, so yeah do it. Also, it's interesting to note that Win7 64 Home Premium is limited to 16gb of addressable ram - the ability to use more is a feature of Win7 Professional. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa366778(v=vs.85).aspx

Here, I renewed the parts list for the ram deal plus a cheaper 7770 appeared. Only have to get the psu and case at Newegg, so only ~$9 tax. Lots of rebates, but if you follow the procedures and include a print out of your email receipt it should be fine. I've always gotten my rebates, as annoying as they are. See whatcha think. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/jm8h

The only other upgrades to consider would be an i3 for $110-$120. But jeez, that's 50% more cost for maybe 10% more performance in games. Or - there's currently a 6870 for $135 after a $30 rebate. It's better, but meh.

Also as far as settings, yeah it will run it WoW on Ultra. Here's a comparison if you want to get an idea of how the G860 stacks up: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-fx-pentium-apu-benchmark,3120-10.html That's a pretty nice setup...the case is nice and has cable management capability. The psu got a great review from hardwaresecrets: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Corsair-CX430-V2-Power-Supply-Review/1284 - and the system won't use much power overall compared to its performance.
Awesome, thank for your continuing help.
Ah, I figured that ram deal was too good to last. Must have been a mis-print, b/c it was $35 after rebate. lol. Looks like the cheapest for 16gb now is ~$56.
lol went to 99$
I read up on optimization for Photoshop (dunno if that's what you use for your editing or not). Adobe says the program will use any number of cores, but you especially get diminishing returns after 4 cores. It also says it will literally use as much ram as is available, at 70% of max. If you're doing serious photoshop work, the 16gb of ram may not hurt, and again 16gb is the limit of Home Premium.

That's the problem with building your own comp...there's always that notch ahead at $20-$30 more. Notch up video card...$30. Notch up cpu...$38. Notch up ram...~$25. At some point, I think, you try to find the best bang for the buck on the performance curve at the time you're buying and figure it'll do until the next time you notice your machine's performance lacking in daily usage.
I got the 16g or RAM. Cost 10$ more just to upgrade from the 8g. Figured it wouldn't cost me too much. Right now I'm looking at 568$ lol 523$ with rebates. Just gotta wait till Thursday to get everything and I'm hoping I find cheaper stuff that I can possibly get that's better.
If you want to link the parts list before you pull the trigger, a few other sets of eyes can check to make sure everything is the best deal. $523 for a pc that will play WoW well and also accommodate large files in Photoshop isn't too bad. I'll keep an eye on partspicker for specs like that 16gb...7770...G860 (or possibly i3 if a miracle deal emerges), non-crappy case/psu.
That would be great actually, I check the site to see but I have trouble picking out parts lol.
Okay so I looked it over and I have a spending budget of 650, although I would like to do less than that. I can link the parts I want to get now if you want?
Like I said, thursday is when I can order it and then I play the waiting game lol.
Yeah link the list :)

Did you already get the ram? And just waiting until Thursday for everything else?

If ram is a done deal at 16gb, there are basically 2.5 things you could do over the previous list to ramp up performance.

1. CPU. The G860 is a heckuva deal at $73. The view from there is:

G870 for $90 - verdict - $17 extra for 100mhz isn't a deal.
G2120 (Ivy Bridge) for $100 - verdict - $27 extra for 100mhz and 0%-5% improvement in speed due to architecture still isn't that much of a return for 34% more cost.
I3-2120 for $110 - verdict - here is really where the best deal for a 'notch up' lies. For $37 (50% more cost on the part), you get 300mhz (a straight up 10% improvement), plus Hyperthreading, which may or may not help in games, but it may help in video editing.
I3-3220 (Ivy Bridge) for $120 - verdict - $10 more for 0%-5% improvement due to architecture...not really worth it, but the bigger issue is that, while that Biostar board supports Ivy Bridge cpus, it *may* require a bios update for that. So if it isn't shipped with an updated bios, you'd be stuck with a board/cpu that won't boot. That would be annoying.

The end point there is, get the G860 or jump to the I3-2120 for $110 - $37 more.

2. Video card. The 7770 is great and really sips power for the performance it possesses. The next notch up in performance from there is a Geforce 560 (non SE or ti), or a Radeon 6870. Right now there's a deal on a 6870 at Amazon for $140 AR...$35 more than the 7770. Here's a comparison: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/540?vs=536 Basically if you want to have some headroom to really max every setting on WoW, this will provide it, especially with the I3.

2.5. Motherboard. That Biostar is a steal and by all accounts a nice board. What I like about it that nobody seems to care about any more is that it actually has better onboard audio than most - it uses the Via Vinyl audio chip instead of a Realtek. I'd go with it unless you simply must have USB 3.0 (if you don't have any USB 3.0 devices, it doesn't matter, although I'd check if your camera is USB 2.0 or 3.0). That wouldn't be a deal breaker for me, but since you do video editing, maybe you have a camera with a USB 3.0 interface, in which case...

The other thing is that the board does SATA 3gb/s and not 6gb/s, which makes no difference unless you plan to install an SSD in the future.

If those features are needed, there's an MSI B75 chipset board at Amazon for $60, so $20 more.

If you did all three of those things, you'd end up at $615 AR, but the cost before the rebates came back would exceed $650 which might be a stretch. It would be possible to cut some money out of the case...*maybe* the psu...or if you know someone with...ahem...an 'extra' copy of windows...that would obviously save money.

Sorry for that long-winded geekery. Just geeking out I guess. lol
Ahh, I can't stretch 650 at all lol.

The build is pretty much what you gave me. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/jp43
And the 16g RAM is what I added, that, and a keyboard lol. Pretty much it's the same. But if you can tweak it around while still keeping it under 650 and get better parts, that would be awesome. I'm not much of a computer expert, hence me asking for help lol, so I have trouble picking stuff out.
That and this is my first build. I'm having anxiety attacks just thinking if this doesn't work, I put something in wrong and it fries everything lol I mean I'm not exactly the most calm person.
1. Have you already ordered the ram? Because the 16gb from NCIX for $55 is now on backorder. If you need to save money, don't feel bad about backing it down to 8gb total. edit - nvm, you added it to the list but didn't actually buy it. lol. k.

2. Would you be more comfortable if I could find a pre-built that you could just add a video card to?

that said,

3. It's not bad building one. Just make a clean space on the kitchen table, keep any and all pets away, like locked in a bedroom, and make sure you discharge any static (just touch the outside metal part of the case) before handling the board or ram. Once you do it and it powers up, you'll be hooked. lol. It's like legos for big kids.

edit - do you have a monitor?
No I'd rather build one. Makes me comfortable knowing what I chose. . .or you chose lol x)
I was planning on using my LED TV for a monitor till I had more cash lol but umm no I don't.

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