[Ascend] Recruiting All Classes for 25m Raid

Guild Recruitment

My name is Milthor and I am representing Ascend - Cho'Gall. Our guild information is listed below and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at one of our many resources.

Guild Name: Ascend
Server: Cho'Gall (PvP) - Horde
Raid Times: 9pm - 12pm EST - Tue, Wed, Thu. Possible Sunday
Homepage: http://ascendguild.us

About Us:
We are a very dedicated group of raiders. We moved to Cho'gall in March of 2011 to rebuild on a higher population server that can provide us room to grow as a group. In January 2012 we decided to take a break from raiding for awhile as our groups enjoyment level in Dragon Soul was just not there. With the release of MoP we are back and looking to push through content. We raid hard and expect everyone that applies to not only bring every thing they have to the table every night but be ready for innovation and insight on our Member forums.

Are you right for us?
As a guild we don’t like carrying people. If you believe that Blizzard created a friend's list for a reason, and that guilds are for progression then we are right for you. If you are tired of being one of the 3 or 4 best players in your current guild and having to carry everyone else then we are right for you. If you are tired of logging on every night only to have your raids canceled due to lack of attendance, then we are right for you. If you are tired of being the only one in your guild that takes the time to truly theory craft your class and contribute ideas to improving boss strategies then we are right for you. If you have a hunger to succeed in everything you do and want to be the best at your class then we are most definitely right for you. We are here to RAID, no drama, no fighting just raid progression and fun in the off time.

We are currently raiding in a 10m format until we can get the roster up to jump back to 25m. As such we are currently interested and seeking all classes and specs.

Notable Past Achievements:
US 99 Tier 11 25man (This includes HM Al'Akir on 25m only)
Realm First! Working as a Team
Realm First! Light of Dawn - US 248
Heroic Halion Realm First Kill - US 132
Realm First! Glory of the Icecrown Raider

Loot: We handle loot through a very open and fair loot council. The loot council is made up of our 3 officers and 2 random raid members (changed weekly). Any member of the loot council that puts in for an item will not be allowed the opportunity to contribute to the discussion for that item (including officers). Loot is handed out based on attendance/performance/attitude.

Applicants must...
- Be geared for the content without being a hindrance
- Be 18 or older and in control of their own schedule.
- Be GOOD at your jobs and be willing to take criticism and advice.
- Be willing to attend 90%+ of raids. The vast majority of our members are at 90%+ lifetime attendance.
- Be willing to provide your own raid mats
- We do ask you have a good understanding of the fights before applying.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM Milthor or GM - Lynxz on our Forums at http://ascendguild.us or, if all else fails contact us in game.
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Hey guys, prot/dps and ele sham are interested in your guild. Im at work right now and can't get on but id love to chat sometime tonight. Add me on realID steers#1879

I sent you a RealID friend request if you can pick that up when you get off work!
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still looking to fill up to push back up to 25m raiding.
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