Feral druid level 90 talent?

just curious what talents other feral druid (pve raiders) plan on taking
DoC is amazing. Takes a bit of micromanagement, but it's a huge amount of output.
Depends on the Fights, I'm planning to use Nature's Vigil for Stone Guards and HOTW for Feng, for wrath spamming when i can't melee ( 242k crit with weapon swap).

DoC is amazing in theory but in Practice it is really hard to pull off, with current tier gear atm.
I went with NV and macro'd it to berserk/berserking/etc, etc. and I was very pleased with my DPS in Mogushan. It is great because it really doesn't require much additional brainpower, and greatly improves performance, I have to look at logs, but I'm sure the AoE heals I was throwing out were helpful at least in some small way. I think for progression, this talent is the clear winner.

EDIT: Checked WoL and did ~5k HPSe and ~57k DPSe on Feng. The HPS being spread out over the whole fight gives me the impression that if it only took the uptime on NV into account, that it would be a pretty substantial amount of heals going out. I love this talent.

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