Yeah, DPS, not getting it in mists.

Please no trolls. I want help.

I started as destruction, loved it to death, thought I was doing fantastic until my room mate gets to 90 today on his ele shaman. with no heroic gear he easily was getting 50k every fight, I was only getting 30k. So I looked on noxxic and it told me that afflic was the best spec right now. I tried afflic and only got 13k. how in gods name is this possible, can anyone please give me input to help me? I have put so much time and effort into this character I dont want to give him up.
13k is low , I might be wrong but your haste looks low, but again it could be a lot of things, I was pulling around 30k while others were pulling 40 and 50k and they were a lvl lower than me, had inferior gear, but once I looked at teh dps chart and saw the "Top 3 attacked" for those players, mine was %99 on the boss while the other was 40 percent on boss and the rest on other mobs, so their aoe dmg was making them look good on dps charts and the problem with this is, it goes to those players heads, "omg iam out dpsing a lock in heroic gear", but again even having said that, 13k is low for your setup, how is your rotation?
Drop Mannoroth's fury for Kil'jaedens's Cunning it's much better considering affliction AOE isn't that great.

Are you using COE on everything? Keeping your DOTs with 100% uptime is key you cannot let them fall off even for a second.

If you are getting good RNG with nightfall use Haunt more frequently other than that save it for burn phases like when CDs are up or execute phase at which point you will have an abundance of SS to use on execute dont hardcast dots (on execute) Soulburn Soulswap to reapply keep haunt up the whole execute if possible and drain that soul.

Edit: Make sure you use Doomguard as well if boss is 20%< he does additional damage and it is quite alot of damage.
On one of your trinkets you reforge your hit to crit, and on the other trinket you reforge your crit to hit... I don't understand this in the slightest.

First of all 13k is obviously incredibly low... your rotation must by way off.

I'll give you a basic how to in a compact easy to understand priority.

Here goes: Curse of Elements, Pop CD's (Dark Soul/Trinkets), Soulburn:Soulswap, Haunt, channel Maelific Grasp.

#1 KEEP YOUR DOTS UP! You are allowed to "CLIP" them at no sooner than 8 seconds remaining and no later then 1 seconds remaining. This does not include haunt.


#3 CHANNEL DS FOR SHARDS! Forget what people say about Drain Soul, getting two ticks off to get a shard is not a dps loss. Haunt is !@#$ing OP.

You have to learn to reforge. I'm generalizing here but the average affl lock is going to be doing something like Int > Haste >= Mastery > Spell Hit Cap > Crit.

#1 HIT CAP IS NOT NECESSARY! Like it says, it is not not necessary for affl. If you don't like RNG or if you are not good at recovering from a missed spell very fast then get hit to cap.

#2 CRIT IS YOUR LOWEST STAT! Plain and simple, crit is not good for affliction COMPARED to other secondary stats.

#3 HASTE AND MASTERY ARE EQUAL???? If you mess around with spreadsheets or simcraft or dummy's or w/e your flavor is you will see this. Haste > Mastery... right? Reforge one piece of gear to haste and all of a sudden Mastery > Haste... wtf is going on here?? They are almost identical in current gear. Mastery will eventually overtake haste due to it's scaling.


I don't see how you can say you've put a ton of time into this character and not know any of this basic information about the class. However, I'm glad to help in any way and I hope you're dps improves. GL.
^This guy gives bad advice.

Start off a fight with a SB:SS to get all of your DoTs up (I like to soul burn before the pull so that the tank will pull during the 10 second remaining timer of soulburn that will give you the buff + regen back to 4 shards)

Afterwards apply CoE

Channel MG and refresh UA/Corr as needed, once you have Agony stacked up to 10 stacks that is when you bump all of your DoTs up to max timer, throw out a Haunt, and than pop trinkets / pots / Dark Soul and channel MG.

Using Dark Soul without a 10 stack of Agony is a bad move.
10/03/2012 02:36 AMPosted by Entezelly
Afterwards apply CoE

I give bad advice...
10/03/2012 02:36 AMPosted by Entezelly
Afterwards apply CoE

Forgot to say that most of my reforge is for destruction since that is the spec I was currently working on.

about the 100% uptime on my dots, someone told me to stop stomping my dots (refreshing before they are completed)
So you guys say hit isnt what I need, reforge everything to haste preferably off crit since I will not need it. You guys have been a great help, are there any marco's you recommend for me? Or addons?
Why are all these 90's doing lower DPS than what we were doing at 85? This just seems odd to me.
Destro is a lot different than it was at 85. Some people take longer to adjust to massive changes than others. It's not like the majority of Destro players are doing worse DPS at 90 than the majority of Destro players were doing at 85.

This is the forums, you often see the lesser opinions expressed louder here.
Oh no, Noxxic has done its testing, destro is 10k behind afflic

Yeah I dont know skeld.. I was doing 26k in demo at the end of cata, now i do 30k and destro at 90? doesnt make sense to me.
Oh no, Noxxic has done its testing, destro is 10k behind afflic

Yeah I dont know skeld.. I was doing 26k in demo at the end of cata, now i do 30k and destro at 90? doesnt make sense to me.

Not calling you out either btw, I have seen several people complaining about getting beat out by lower level characters. Doesn't make sense, unless it's because the stats scale down so much when you go up to 90 and the increase in the "power" of our spells doesn't compensate enough for loss of stats.
CB at 85 hit lvl 85 mobs a lot harder than CB hits 90 mobs at lvl 90. Scaling is based around level 90 now. I would doubt that an 85 could go against a 90 mob and do more damage than a 90 against that same mob. You're comparing apples to slightly less delicious, soggy, but still okay for applesauce apples. They don't do the same thing.

That being said, I would still posit that a lot of it has to do with people relearning their spec vs just charging 4 embers and spamming CB and wondering why the damage is higher at 85 vs 85 mobs than at 90 vs 90 mobs.
next time you're in a fight with an ele shaman look at the spells he/she is casting on your damage meter...99% of the time you'll find chain lightning spam at the top. It doesnt take much skill to mash a button, however it DOES take a degree of skill and understanding to play the warlock class.

We're all in a rough state now as the scaling from 85 to 90 on our dps has taken its toll...i've barely come out of heroics and am going to look at reforging my gear tonight to cater specifically for raids...with regards to earlier comments you should also be looking at reforging and gemming your gear...i'd lose some of that crit and put it into haste > mastery.

Also I disagree with the 8 seconds minimum recast time for dot refresh from a prev want to get this down to at least 1-3 seconds prior to it falling off target...this means that you are maximising your malefic grasp channelling which is the 'supercharging' component of your spells.
I understood in multiple mobs he did use chain lightning spam, but on bossfights he was still out dpsing me, lavaburst and lightning bolt were his top.
Do not channel DS above 20%. It is a dps loss. Other than that most of Mannekyn's advice was spot on. warlocks are one of the strongest dps out there. I'm doing 70-95k on a heroic boss with the rights buffs currently in demo and afflic. Just practice a lot. Practice makes perfect.
Lower DPS @ 90 cause of !@#$ty combat ratings and scaling.

I didn't say spam your dots at any point in my post, I merely said never let them drop off.

I wouldn't listen to what noxxic says about hit rating i've gone for cap regardless.
okay in a raid, the first boss im averaging 25k on afflic, and 34k on destro.. I took everyones advice and I still cant pull the numbers with affliction
Noxxic did not include COE in their rotation from memory.

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