Anyone else think they don't last long enough? And don't do enough DPS?

Talking about the Boomkin ones
Balance i HATE them with a burning passion. Incarnation is just to good for balance. It has great synergy with Celestial Alignment.

Their roots are unreliable to say the least - in addition to putting Root on DR for when i need it later.

They are just... clunky.... -shudder-

Side note: for resto pve I LOVE THEM! <3
They're on a 1 minute CD, how much DPS do you want them to do? While I haven't personally tested FoN since Beta simply out of spite for their past lack of usefulness, they pull their weight when I last looked over their numbers. wrathcalcs actually has them as the highest dps talent (in conjunction with HotW) at current gear levels but that's affected by some factors that isn't of any relevance to the overall performance of FoN.

If there's going to be any movement heavy fights, and iirc correctly again, there's one massive pain of one this tier, I'll definitely be pushing my spite aside and choosing FoN over anything else because god knows how terribly painful you're going to feel if you decide to roll Incarn+NV on a movement heavy fight >>

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