Yak Attack

So this Achievement to kill 15 bugs at once requires the Yak(aka The Black Ox - Niuzao) to be running around in a circle. I've seen him doing his rounds once before but never since then. Anyone have any idea how to get him to move? I've done all the quests/storyline in Townlong Steppes so I'm not sure. =P Any help would be appreciated, thanks! :)
Yeah apparently when you first reach the temple he is running around but after questing there he just stays still at the top.

I think it's a bug as you pretty much need him to be running around if you plan on doing this solo.
He will run around on given days from what i've seen. When I was questing he was running around then i came back to try to get it and wasn't. A few days later came back and he was running around again and I got it on that day.

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