[Barring Entry] Quest Bugged... Cant see NPC

Bug Report
Anyone else able to get the quest, and then you fly to the location of Lao Softfoot and can't see him? I know he is supposed to be stealthed but I cant see him at all, it seems im in the wrong phase or something?? Please help
im having the same problem, cant figure out how to get to the right phase that i can see the quest npc
I have the same problem, appears to be pretty widespread. Would be nice if they could just hotfix taking away talk to Lao as one of the requirements. Holding me up on my dailies....
I am having the same problem. I flew all over with a targeting macro and he just isn't there. I can use the explosives just not find him.
i couldnt find him either and i reset the quest....now the quest giver kun autumnlight or whatever doesnt offer the freaking quest....hopefully this is fixed because i cant really progress...
Add me to the list of "no see em". I also used a target macro. I can see other people land at the location, then disappear.
like why isnt blizzard fixing these issues during beta, seriously
me neither. hum :(
Same problem.. holding up progress to open my dailies.. I should hold up the progress on monthly subscription
Same issue. Opened a ticket. -_-
Same here. Also opened a ticket.
I'm having the same problem..I thought maybe if I came back to it the next day I would be able to see Lao waiting for me..but that was easily crushed haha. I made a ticket but it has yet to be answered..3more days to go for that. :/
Same problem here :( Tried targeting, dropping quest and trying again, but nothing seems to work.
Same problem. Come on Blizz fix it its been long enough
Yup...I'm in the same boat with no paddle. I can set the bomb but Lao is no where to be found >= /

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