Warlock Patch 5.0.5 patch notes:

10/03/2012 07:59 AMPosted by Bluefin
not the novelty (I'm going to kill myself before I get killed so I avoid repair costs) it spell it used to be.

Don't forget "I'm going to kill myself with Hellfire then rez through the door so we can get into Scholomance without the key."
Mougain is correct that hellfire blows =)

EDIT: oops, "Mourgrim"

Hand IS your primary aoe, chaos wave is BAD. You should always attempt (unless starting to cap on charges) to use hand when outside meta, as it generates SO MUCH demonic fury, and does comparable damage if you include shadowflame ticks.

Furthermore, hellfire is crap and its primary purpose is to generate demo fury for IMMOLATION AURA.

Immolation aura is great. Hellfire blows. There is a key difference here, and that is that meta gives you a massive damage boost, and immolation aura is not channeled.

Furthermore, in meta i would spam void ray as it is more efficient than touch of chaos at 5+ targets or so. Also it keeps corruption up (what I wouldn't give for sb:seed!), making it worthwhile if you multidotted 4+ enemies.

Glyphed carrion wave is also more efficient demonic fury wise than chaos wave.

Because hand/wave only gains charges every 15 seconds, and meta's cd is 10 seconds, this means pop out to hand instead of waving to prolong the amount of time you can stay in meta with the changes.

Channelling hellfire is like lowest in your aoe priority, esp if you have harvest life, as I'm not sure which is better atm but I'm leaning towards HL for its utility.

Hellfire sux.

PS if you're demon leaping in to immolation aura do not forget aura of curse of elements either, it'll buff your raid's damage.
FYI...the better way to do aoe as demo is to spec for harvest life. You dot up mobs in caster or just go straight to HL. Your fury will skyrocket then you go meta and hellfire w' no damage. You can also cast other stuff while in meta w' hellfire on but watch your DF since HL in meta drains DF. Yes...you HoG in caster first and drop out to refresh between hellfire casts.

Kinda like affliction aoe's better with SB:SoC and HL than trying to slowpoke cast seeds in most realistic time frames. However I'd just go demo or destro if I wanted AoE....
Gah! No wonder I never could bring myself to care about demonology. Relying on a pet aside, just too much variation it seems now.

Haunt(now costs a soulshard), curse of elements, Soulburn->soulswap (target now has all 3 dots and no Cooldown on soulswap) malefic grasp (this will make Agony ramp up in damage faster than normal). Recast SB:soulswap when dots below half duration if you're high enough to have pandemic. repeat until target is quite low and hope to get drain soul in or you're screwed without soulshards.

As for hellfire costing life, that was part of using yourself as the focus for summoning flames from hell. Can you still move while channeling that?
Compared to seed of corruption (3k mana per cast, requires target, cast time, and damage done to detonate, and hope targets are close enough) And rain of fire (as affliction it costs 15k mana to cast, plus 15k mana per second to channel, lacks the stun that destro gets for it and destro doesn't channel it) the only problems I'm seeing in it are possibly low damage and negligible damage to self. You get that demon power, instant cast without a target or facing the target or aiming a targeting reticule, and I have seen no complaints on how MUCH health is lost. And is this damage split with your demon pet?
Want fast AoE in affliction? get the extra soulshard glyph. Burn one, all targets get curse of elements. Second one, primary target gets the 3 dots, 3rd seed of corruption (on two targets to get pandemic's boost to corruption's duration)

Or if solo

Autorun, SB-soulswap, tab next target, repeat until you have one shard. Soulburn-exhaustion and either harvest life or circle them firing fel flame to add time to effects, recast agony, and redo exaustion as a shard regens. Shadowfury is helpful in this when farming mobs.
10/03/2012 11:20 PMPosted by Roselo
While we're on the subject of ancient relics, why the mana mechanics like they are? Hurting myself to keep up with my mana, something that other classes get to do as their regular rotation? What's up with that?

I remember when warlocks were foaming to keep things like hellfire and life tap in the game because they set warlocks apart from mages. You use life because you are a necromancer, not a mage.
10/24/2012 05:21 PMPosted by Bukama
I remember when warlocks were foaming to keep things like hellfire and life tap in the game because they set warlocks apart from mages. You use life because you are a necromancer, not a mage.
In a game design sense, we should be able to control our life-mana ratio because there's some incentive to being low, but not empty, on mana.

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