Hows prot pve atm?

How are we doing now? Im not sure what toon to level. I really like my warrior but Im not up with all these silly changes that happened in MOP.
Worth playing?
Most fun I've had playing this game...period.

I have a melee silence, ranged silence and an AoE silence.
I have a spell reflect and group spell reflect.
I have charge every 12 seconds AND heroic leap that combined with Thunderclap gives me all the agro I need.
Shield block is amazing and I've read that Shield barrier is even better.

At 90, I don't know how we compare with the others as far as mitigation goes, but my main is a healer and even from that angle I can tell you my favorite tanks are Warriors who know what they're doing.
thats amazing!
I'm thoroughly terrible and have been enjoying myself playing prot for once. Shield Barrier is great, dps is great, utility is great. Idk about raids but for dungeons I've been doing just fine so far.
Great for heroics, our dps took a hit with the revenge and dot nerf. But still pretty high. I've had no threat problems or anything of the sort tanking heroics. In full heroic gear my survivability is pretty assured with our active mitigation as well as cooldowns. Fun to play, and one of the better tanking classes.

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