Regarding Clash

Sup bros,

Any one else experiencing some inconsistency with clash?

- One of the parties will not make it all the way to the "clash point"
- One of the parities will charge towards the point, but stop a quarter way
- Will see no "miss" on normal mobs, but there's no actual clash animation or stun, but the sound plays and the CD is triggered.

I really like the way clash works, I'd just like to see some more reliable performance. And if this IS how it was intended, any chance we can look at the CD again?
yes, i see this on a normal basis.
I usually use clash when either:
a) a mob runs off towards the healer (like an add showed up)
b)a caster standing a bit aways from the main group I am tanking.

I am not a 100% sure but I'm guessing it has to do with LOS/Pathing the terrain or some such.
I remember blink having this bug once upon a time. Where a change in the terrain between point A->B would cause blink to end pre-maturely.
At least it seems to consistently interupt the caster casting though :)
Clash drives me crazy. It doesnt work on bosses. It doesn't work on stunned and rooted targets. It failson regular mobs. The CD is long. I understand that the aforementioned have reasons they can't move towards you but asleast have it work to where it charges you to them or atleast to the point they would normally meet you at. Or maybe add a glyph where it removes the charging them to you part and works like warrior's charge and add a few seconds on the CD to compensate. That would make me happy.
From what I've seen:

If the enemy is Immune, nothing happens when you cast Clash (Neither of you move, no stun is performed).

If the enemy is stunned, rooted, or otherwise immobile, you charge to the halfway point and perform the AOE stun, but the target does not move.

If there is no path to the target but you are in LOS, sometimes nothing will happen but the ability will be consumed.
Agreed. This ability needs more work for consistency and reliability. More things are immune to it than not, and there's no way to tell until the fight begins. I'm pretty much forced to use chi torpedo to make up for sloppy design with clash. I hate chi torpedo. I'd much rather use my tiger.

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