Looking to trade pets cross-server (No gold)

Pet Battles
One of us makes a lv1 toon on the other's server, cages BoA pets and trades them. Simple. I am not accepting gold on any servers other than Moon Guard, Wyrmrest Accord or Bleeding Hollow. Don't be surprised if you find you can't cage a pet to trade it to me if it's a pet you caught in the wild -- you can't trade those.

Pets I have to trade (that you might want):

Azure Whelpling (multiples)
Proto-drake Whelp (multiples, one leveled a bit)
Various Clockwork Rocket Bots (multiples)
Curious Oracle Hatchling
Feline Familiar
Fossilized Hatchling
Lifelike Toad
Lil' Smoky (Can craft)
Phoenix Hatchling (multiples)
Sea Pony
Sinister Squashling (multiples)
Tiny Snowman
Voodoo Figurine
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (Can craft)
Magic Lamp (Can craft)
Pet Bombling (Can craft)

Pets I might be interested in:
Emerald Whelpling
Terrible Turnip
De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion
Personal World Destroyer
Lunar Lantern
Landro's Lil' XT
Robot Chicken
Spectral Tiger Cub

I may be willing to trade combinations of multiple pets for the pets I want.

I MIGHT be willing to buy you a pet from the Auction House on my server (Moon Guard -- probably can't afford major purchases on WRA or BH) to trade it to you for yours if it's on my list. To see what pets are available on my server's AH, use TheUndermineJournal.com. It's pretty straightforward once you poke around a bit, so I won't explain here how to use the site.

If interested in any of my offers, contact me in-game on this toon via mail or whisper. (UPDATE: I might be playing as the character "Fallowfell.") Don't post here unless you're using the thread to post to others what you're looking to trade with/for, which I wholly encourage. :)

If I'm not on when you're looking for me, please leave me an in-game mail with your name and the server you play on, and what time (preferably EST) you'll be online so I can make a toon and come to your server to look for you.
I can get you a raven, no problem, willing to trade an azure whelpling? My farming attempts go unfulfilled.
I'm also spamming the method of attempting to get the terrible turnip, you're quite welcome to the first if I encounter it (10 toons x 4 tries a day).

can make you a robot bunny too.
Quiet bump. Already got the Raven, sorry...and even if I still needed it, you're out of your mind if you expect a rare zone-drop Azure Whelpling for a pet you can buy from a vendor for 50 silver.
Would you trade an Azure Whelpling for Eye of the Legion?
10/04/2012 12:40 PMPosted by Teimwork
Would you trade an Azure Whelpling for Eye of the Legion?

Updated list.

Teim, I managed to buy the crimson whelpling for you. Waiting on you to get back online.
While I already own one disgusting ooze, I can trade for another to add to my stock if it means getting rid of some of my other spares. I invite you to browse my 'availables' in this thread
and pick out a few you'd like for it.

Feel free to copy your trades post into there as well.

Currently being naughty at work & browsing the forums, I'll be in game in approx 7 hours & most of the weekend.

p.s. curious oracles are not tradeable
I have a lvl 17 Landros lil Lichling.
What are you looking to trade for the Lichling? I don't have the crimson whelpling anymore, sorry.

Dak, would you trade a pterrordax and zeppelin for it? Not sure what prices are like on your server.
Sure would. I'm not sure how prices are either as I don't really get into buying all that much. Work finishes in about 4.5 hours, maybe catch up tomorrow? Dakyras#1636 battletag, add me whenever.
Got quick question not trying to offend any one but i have an aqua strider and was wonder if you guys would be willing to give your input on a possible price range for it i my self am not a big pet battler i would possible do a trade but it would have to be a profitable one on my side i also have 1 dark whelp 2 tiny emerald and 1 crimson whelpling if you have anything that's worth gold i wouldn't mind trade them to people who would use them
Updated. Bumping for anyone who wishes to use this thread to advertise their own trades.

Necro, I don't know how much it's worth, but if you want any of my pets that are listed up for grabs, we could try to blindly arrange a trade. lol
I'm looking to trade rare pets for a couple different pets.

The ones I'm currently after are as follows :

Searing Scorchling

if you have either of these plz post what your willing to trade for.

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