VoS 10M semi-core LFM Tues-thurs.

Virtue of Slaughter is seeking competent and reliable raiders for a raiding schedule of Tues Wed. Thurs. from 9pm server to 12pm server. Recently transfered pre-mop, our guild roots date back to BC server competition, and continue to raid at a high level. Seeking raiders who are reliable for attendance, well above average of class knowledge and boss mechanics, and give great hand massages. We also have a very PVP oriented core group. Short post, but if you have more questions please send me an ingame mail (Navike). Expect to be competetive for your position. See us or apply @ Vos.enjin.com

High Priority; Seeking tanks of exceptional quality.
Guardian druid, Blood dk, Prot paladin, Brewmaster monk.

Expectations for tank applicants; Raid frames and a highly communicative personality. If you're a clicker, do not apply.

Medium Priority; Currently seeking
Mistweaver w/ WW offspec
Resto Druid w/ DPS offspec
Holy Paladin w/ Ret offspec
pumping iron w/ arnold. Best. Movie. Ever.
Just watched it again. Almost made me want to quit WoW and become a bodybuilder. Instead, ill pvp.
Still looking for that special someone. Could it be you?
Bump for newly edited, and newly opened tank positions of high priority.
LF the classes listed above, one additonal player of the previously stated classes and we'd be running heroics, dont hesitate to send me a tell!

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