Ally Shammies

If you got a free race change, would you take it? And if so, which race would you choose?
the rare female orc
I like my draenei too much to want to race change to any other race. If I had to change to horde (for some unknown reason), I would pick female orc or male tauren.
I like Dwarf Racials in PvP as Enh. The expertise to maces helps gearing, and Stoneform is always on CD because of some Rogue/Feral/DK/Warrior/Hunter trying to nuke me. It's a much needed 10% DR to the spec.

Orc is my favorite visual race though.
Panda ftw. Right after I hit 90, I switched.
I would consider panda, but I really like being a spacegoatsquidrefrigerator.
I'd transform into a dwarf if I had to. It translates well from the orc racials plus dwarves are pretty awesome.
Animation wise: female draenei for caster/melee, tauren for melee, orc for caster. Rest sucks.
Forgot about pandas: pandas for melee too.
I'd go dwarf for the jumping Stormstrike animation.
Already went panda from Troll.... I would go Blood Elf if the race class combo where possible... it would complete my collection of Blood Elf male characters.
Trolls are the master race. nuff sed.

Not a big fan personally of any ally race for shaman.
This guy was an orc and I just want to play allaince so I faction change to a dwarf. If the space goats could fit thought most doors I would have played them. I just like the fact I don't have maunally dismount before going into a bank, ah, or other stuff. Also my favorite title, champion of the narru, would be better on a space goat.
10/05/2012 10:21 AMPosted by Hydrotine
Trolls are the master race. nuff sed.

if i HAD to go ally? probably go with draenei. i have an aversion to short people
i like my draenei. if i *had to*...i would most likely go with an femorc
10/04/2012 09:42 PMPosted by Jello
I was a femdwarf for their elusive breed of "sexiness".

But I am now all fat and fluff and high quality pixels.

I can't go back, you can't make me!!!
10/04/2012 09:42 PMPosted by Jello


There are no female dwarves.
Im good thank you.

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