Soo hey been following all the posts for a couple days now, and it made me laugh to think that does Blizz even read these posts??? i mean everyone posting their complaints or opinions boast good arguments. are they just sitting back in their chairs sipping coffee just reading these posts? i havent seen Blizz post anything about "hey were looking into these bugs" or " we are investigating into the situation". seems to me, they just like to wallow in everyone's suffering. Trolling for answers;)
i mean why havent they fixed the 70 or 85 arena bug yet? is it not high on the priority list?
Obviously they don't have a team of people sitting on the forums reading every entry.. And no I highly doubt that the 70 or 85 arena bug is of high priority.. Think about it...........
Pvp is never high in the priority list. just look at front page, everything is about pve, hotfix pve, post from blue about pve. how they're proud of pve. not a single thing about pvp except the nerf to pvp gear because of pve
your sooo right kitty

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