Profession mats + Bountiful Bags Guild Perk

Hey Everyone

I was just wondering if this guild perk is still supposed to apply to MOP Mats or if it cuts off at Cata level. As of so far none of my guild-mates have been getting any extra bonus mats off of anything from the lvl 85-90 areas - everything before that still works fine.

Anyone else seeing this as well or is this expected behavior for this perk ??
I don't know whether it was the guild perk, but I got two golden lotus from a single node, and I've also DE'd two ethereal shards from a single item. My assumption was that they just stopped showing them as separate stacks in the loot window, but if they're still doing that in old content, I don't know.
Thanks Keeblik for the information ... I will watch more closely to see if I get anything like that :)


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