Black Screen-Not Fixed-HELP(Blues)

Technical Support
Did you guys take a day off today?
If I can finish Game of Thrones books 1-4 before this is fixed we have a problem!! :D
Mwhahah I just saw my fav blue respond to a post 6 min ago!!!! Come back Dan!!!!! I <3 uuuuuu. I know you are out there!!
Bump... many many hours later...and no response in my other post. Complaining usually seems to get attention so... complain complain complain. Wtb blues. (btw the battlenet tech support is hilarious, 8 different techs and I got one response at 1 in the morning and was told "I'll be here all day" then I got 2 different techs and no responses... all... day. I am ready to test out fixes and give you guys new info but that would require someone to actually work with me more than once every 15 hours.

I made this thread after that one I linked but I am sick of posting dxdiag and everything in two threads. The other one seemed to have been hijacked so I made this one. I will no longer be using this thread. Unless a blue posts on it, which wouldn't be that big of a surprise.

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