Can't move character because of mail.

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I can't log into my account to delete my in-game mail. I'm off at school and won't be back till Christmas. I want to transfer my character's and follow my guildmates to mug'thol but there is no way I can log in. Is there any way a GM could just delete the mail from my box. I really dont care what it is. Probably Brewfest Brew of the month. I just need it cleared to I can transfer. Please help blue.
You would need to call or submit a ticket. Forum moderator's may not be able to do that.
Already submitted a ticket. Avg wait time was 3 days. Too long.
I am curious as to why you want to transfer a character to a server when you aren't going to play again until Christmas? Is there some particular reason you want to do it now? Is there no way you can keep in touch with your guildies being on another server. What purpose would transferring your character do if you can't log on to it?
I use guild on WoW armory to keep in touch with my friends. The reason I want to do it now is so I don't lose my guild rep and because its a free transfer. I dont know if Mug'thol will be open after all of the alliance leave illidan.

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