Monk tanks and raiding?

I've been hearing all kinds of hearsay about Monks being !@#$ty raid tanks. Anyone have any experience with it yet? We have NO armor skills, which is concerning. Bear tanks have the 400% armor thing.
I'm doing fine. Not taking much spike damage at all, good cooldowns, and roll makes for an awesome positioning tool and getting out of bad stuff tool.
Thus far I enjoy it. Skill > class limitations. Wish gear would drop more for me, but... it is what it is. There is some spike damage, but overall it isn't too bad.
I was expecting Monks to be really great adds tanks because of their kiting ability with roll and Dizzying Haze. Anyone seeing this happening?
I'm doing fine raid scene, slightly squishy but only spike on heavy magic fights. My issue is only mistweaver gear dropping for me. As far as druid it's because they need it to survive damage between rage building. Druid tank was my main before rerolling monk

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