Blood Legion Slacking?

What the hell. Is BL slacking a bit or what? Did I miss something? Are they all sleeping?
At the time of writing this BL is 35th place with only 4 bosses killed.

Get it together guys. I have a lot of money on your success.

(I apologize if someone died or w/e)
maybe they're doing it on purpose so all the fanboys will transfer off the server and our queues wont suck
Meh. I don't even play on Illidan anymore.
If you'd look closer the clear of 4/6 is also on 10m.

They have things planned out.
They're probably running multiple 10 mans so they can get as many main raiders as much gear as possible going into next week for heroics.
I bet their raid group is still in queu to connect
Can't do heroics until next week. So there's no rush into getting world firsts on normals, no one really cares. And as someone posted above running multiple ten mans allows you to distribute the gear and get more of it to more ppl for any and all backups they may need for the heroics next week.

Chill out bro
This is only the first week and only normal modes are open, why rush? To get realm first normal mode cleared?

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