Possible overheating issue only during WoW

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Picked up a new PC about 2 months ago.
Runs Borderlands 2 at highest settings with no issues, Battlefield 3 at max with no issues, Skyrim at max with no issues, but when playing WoW on Ultra occasionally the screen will go black, sound from game and Youtube/Mediaplayer will continue for approx 5-10 seconds then the PC will shutdown and restart. From my point of view this seems like my PC is overheating. I have a temp monitor running and my card is sitting at around 40C when not running anything, and going up to 60-70C during gameplay, but I've never been able to see the temperature at time of crash since the screen cuts out. Ironic isn't it. After restarting there isn't any error messages or anything appearing.

Basic specs are as follows;

Intel i7 3770 @ 3.4GHz
16GB DDR3 RAM (2x 8GB)
Asus GTX660Ti
Case is a Thermaltake Level 10GT Full tower with plenty of space to keep air circulating.

I've lowered WoW to High from Ultra and it seems to be doing the trick.
My tower is located on top of my desk with plenty of breathing room. All drivers and such are up to date. And as I said previously other games are having no such issue at max settings.

Any suggestions as to whats going on? If someone more tech savvy then I can identify this as something other then a overheating issue I'd love to hear theories.

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