[H] 25m <Foundation> 2/6hMV 6/6HoF 2/4TES LFM

Guild Recruitment
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<Foundation> Horde 25m US-Garrosh (PvE)
Mists of Pandaria: 2/6H Mogu’Shan Vaults, 6/6N Heart of Fear, 4/4N Terrace of Endless Spring
Cataclysm: 8/8H DS, Realm first Nefarian, Al’akir, Sinestra, Ragnaros
Wrath of the Lich King: 12/12H ICC, Realm First Heroic Lich King
Monday-Thursday, 8:00-11:00PM EST

About us:

<Foundation> is a guild that was formed from the ashes of the former top guilds on the realm at the end of Wrath of the Lich King and has been moving ever since. We’ve faced many trials but have always come out on top, and are looking for more dedicated raiders to keep our powerhouse going. We look to make our raid time as fun as possible for all of our members.

Specs and Classes we’re looking for:

    Mistweaver Monk - High
    Retribution Paladin - High
    Holy Paladin - High
    Balance Druid - High
    DPS Warrior - High
    Rogue - High
    Shadow Priest - Medium
    Restoration Druid - Medium

Qualities we look for in our raiders:

We look for a variety of qualities from our raiders. We love to see:
-Good attitude for raiding
-Willingness to accept and give constructive criticism
-Outgoing players who will strive to improve themselves

What we offer:

We’ve currently full cleared T14 normals and are planning on pushing heroics hard for the rest of the tier. Come T15 and onward, we planning on continuing our push. Our current goals are US 200 by the end of tier 14.

Questions? Officer BattleTags:
Dernn- spork#1771
Grawpp- Grawpp#1412
Summit- Summit#1171

You can also reach us at our website, http://wowfoundation.guildlaunch.com
Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!


Warlocks (Very high)

Dps DKs (Very high)

Rogues (High)

Ret pallies (High)

Always considering exceptional applicants..
We're 4/6 now and top 200 US for just 25 man guilds. Always looking for more great applicants! Come join an established 25 man guild progressing with well-defined goals.
Had some unfortunate issues come up with a few dps tonight that may take them away long-term, and are looking to fill main raiding spots asap.
I server transferred to join this guild and it exceeds expectations. A good home for any raider who's got the "chops".
A good night of raiding today. One shot Elegon for the win! This puts us ahead on top of Garrosh in a prime position to start racking up Realm Firsts. Come be a part of something unique
Need warlocks, dps DKs and rogues!
Definitely still looking for exceptional applicants. Come on by http://wowfoundation.guildlaunch.com and submit your app. Join an established 25man progression raiding guild with high aspirations.

Get away from those silly 10 man guilds stuck with the same 2 items dropping week to week and missing full raid buffs due to composition.
Lets gooo!
WTB DK's and Locks!
WTB dks/locks/rogues!
10/14/2012 09:01 AMPosted by Ibiza
WTB dks/locks/rogues!

App now on our site http://wowfoundation.guildlaunch.com
Do et
That Heroic Stoneguard kill.
1/16 H25 down, Always looking for exceptional applicants for heroic progression. Think you have what it takes? App now for free punch and pie @ http://wowfoundation.guildlaunch.com/
(disclaimer: punch and pie might be a lie so roll your die to find out why after you apply.)
Check that Feng kill
2/6H Need another lock/dk/ WW monk!
Still looking for Warlock Apps!
Still Looking for ranged dps! Locks and spriests are high need!
LF Lock/rogue/feral!

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