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I stopped paying WoW right after WOTLK, and the pandas made me come back! My problem is that my account was apparently hacked some time ago, and Blizzard could only give me monetary compensation to the tune of 10g a level. My problem is that this amount of money cannot possibly return the level of gear I once had. I still have a few gladiator pieces (shoulders, hood) but the rest of woefully gone. I'm asking for some help, I don't need cash but any gear or frostweave people might have. If you are in the charitable mood, feel free to hook it up, but ask what I need beforehand..people might have already helped. My name is Medihv and I'm on Mug Thol.
I am, unfortunately, not on your server (and suggest you pop over to your realm's forum. It's at the bottom of the forum selection page.) but wish you luck. And a very warm welcome back to the game! *leaves cookies for*
Honestly, that was nice of them. That gear is now beyond obsolete. With that money they gave you, you can get basic cata gear and quest for more gear. good luck.
Do you have any old friends from when you played before? If so, have them take you to the max level zone for you, and help you with some quests. Once you get a basic set going, get to 80, all of the starting zones completely replace your gear anyway. It is the same for MoP. You can be back up and running in a matter of a few hours time.

Sorry that it happened to you, but I am hoping you went through the steps to clean up your system?

Run a virus/spyware/malware scan
Change your password
Possibly change your battlenet email address
Get an authenticator
I'm not complaining, but the gear I currently have is the best on the AH that I can buy.
Yeah, I did a full system revamp. Whole new rig.

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