[RP Event] Tall Tales and Epic Fables

Emerald Dream
Event name: Tall Tales and Epic Fables

Day and time: Thursday, October 4 at 9:00 pm server.

Location of event: Thunderbluff, in the amphitheater across from Baine.

Brief summary: Once again, come, join us as we gather to share epic adventures and quiet parables. We shall gather at the amphitheater and share what we have see, what we have heard, and what we know. All of our Horde brothers and sisters are invited, though please keep you pets and demons at home. ((Those wishing to share a story, it's best to keep it no longer than 10-15 minutes, and even better if you have it macroed, though improvisational stories are welcome as well. If you would like a calendar invite, let me know here or in game. We took a hiatus during the summer, but hope that this will continue to happen once a month.))

Faction: Horde

Bump for tonight, bring your Pandaria stories.

Most honorable Tauren, I hope to be in attendance.
10/04/2012 09:26 AMPosted by Takota
Day and time: Thursday, October 41

>.> you should fix that

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